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Angela Weber

Glass Artist, Graphic Designer & all around Creative Weirdo

Here's my story... I actually fell in LOVE with glass back in a Junior High Art Class. We only did one glass project, but I always remembered it. It's one of the few art projects I've kept all these years. So when I was looking for a hobby, as a stay at home mom, I knew I had to find a way to do glass again. I found a starter kit online and everything started from there. I used my previous knowledge, followed the book provided and I read a TON of info from glass forums. I soldered my first project on a piece of cardboard on top of my washing machine. Let me tell you... it was not easy. Especially, with the curved top! But I made it through and even though it's not perfect, I kept that first project. It still sits on a bookcase in my living room. A constant reminder of how far I've come. 

So yes, I did not have a glamorous start, but I have progressed over all these years. After the washing machine, my husband built me a workbench in the laundry room. But after I outgrew that, I took over what was supposed to be an office in our basement that we were finishing. That worked great for a long time, but after the flood in 2008 we had to rip out all the carpeting in our rec room so guess who got to expand her Glass Studio! My husband still had his Man Cave, but my shop got about 3 times bigger! 


My husband and I also run a Sign, T-Shirt & Decal business from our home, Stephen Edward Graphics. We started our business in 2009 and it really took off. In 2013 we moved out to the country to expand that business, but because of the move my Glass Studio had to be packed up. I patiently waited (not so patiently at times) for about 5 years until we were able to convert the garage into my glass studio. The new studio is finally finished and I'm officially back breaking glass!!! I can't wait to show you all the ideas that have been swimming around in my brain all these years!

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